Bram Fridhandler, Ph.D.

(415) 409-9800

Attorney Consultation

As consultant to attorneys in family law matters, I may testify regarding other experts' work product (custody evaluation or private recommending mediation report) or background information on factors affecting children's best interest.  Alternatively, I may provide litigation support such as suggesting areas for cross examination of custody evaluators. 

If the attorney seeks input on the quality of a work product, the typical process is for me to review the report and provide an oral opinion. If the attorney feels my opinion would be sufficiently helpful, he or she discloses me as an expert witness. In some jurisdictions, a written summary of my opinion is required.  Attorneys should be mindful of local deadlines for disclosure of experts.

Should the attorney decide not to have me testify, I am available for litigation support.  

Relevant to the consultant role, I am an expert reviewer for the California Board of Psychology (licensing body) and current Chair of the Ethics Committee of the California Psychological Association.  I have qualified as an expert in San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, and Sacramento counties. 

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